Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Road Trips

A new fact of life for us that we are slowly adjusting to:
Nearly every time we hop in the van we have at the very minimum a half-hour drive ahead of us.
Or 40 minutes.
Or one hour.
Or three hours.

We've made it this far without a dvd player in the van, and honestly I still have no intention of getting one.  We do however make use of our CD player!
We passed most of October enjoying Psalty . . . anybody remember that big blue singing songbook?
Turns out the records (that Josh listened to) and the cassettes (that I enjoyed) have all been converted to Cd's.  Josh picked his favorite (#2) and I picked mine (#4).  We have a friendly competition going about whose is better.  Mine has Charity Churchmouse, so I think I win hands-down (and the girls would agree). ;o)
If you too have wonderful memories of Psalty you can visit the Psalty store here.  I think my next purchase might be #3 . . .  It's been a fun walk down memory-lane for both Josh and I!

Van rides also make great opportunities to pop in the Sparks memory verse Cd's or the girls' violin Cd's or a book on CD.  I love that our van becomes a portable classroom!  Sometimes, when things are getting a bit rowdy I pop in a CD of romantic (era, not the lovey-dovey kind!) piano music and that settles them down pretty good.

Things going on my list to get:
1. More Psalty
2.  Diana Waring's History Revealed Cd's--she walks you through history from the beginning of time, and I'd love to own all the sets to reinforce everything we've been studying
3. The Jesus Storybook Bible-Every Story Whispers His Name --I've heard WONDERFUL things about this children's Bible, and the cool part, it comes with a read-aloud CD!  Perfect!
4. And I've always been a fan of Cedarmont Kids--my kids are always more apt to sing-along when other kids are singing.  Sadly all of my original Cd's have met their demise. 

Good stuff to listen to is one way of "redeeming the time" for us. You can only play the alphabet game so many times, you know? ;o)


Anna said...

Way to be planning making good use of your car the idea of your portable classroom! ;) And these all look like great pics--love the idea of history on a CD! Hope your week is good. ;)

Keeslermom said...

I can totally sympathize about the driving. Until we moved to town, any lessons/classes we attended were 40 minutes minimum, and our gas budget was embarrassing.

We've been listening to "Story of the World" on CD for a couple years, and I LOVE it. We're getting school done as we drive!