Monday, October 3, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Our Nature Corner

I've finally found a good spot for a family nature display!  A year (ish) ago I had seen Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience use an old printer's drawer (or two!) as a way of organizing all the little nature bits her children would find.  I thought it was a wonderful idea and began the search for my own old printer's drawer.  It wasn't too long before I happened upon one on craigslist for $15.  It ended up in the bathroom at our previous home--not getting used what I had hoped for.
But in the new home there just so happens to be a perfect place to shove a dresser, right at the edge of the kitchen cabinets, so it kind of joins us in the dining room.  Not only do the drawers of said dresser give me extra storage for my cookbooks and homeschooling stuff, but the top is perfect to prop up my printer's drawer. (And just in case you are wondering why it is called a printer's drawer, back in the pre-computer days, they had to set their own type, and these drawers organized all the letter "stamps").
Here's the whole set-up:
This little gathering definitely reflects the current season, and that's part of what makes it fun!  It is something that is ever-changing as we come across wonderful little bits outside
Up close of the goodies:
I love the patina of the old wood and ink stains--It is just perfect for us!
We started with one monarch wing, one of the first things we found outside after our move.  We now have acorns, walnuts (those discolored green things--they're not totally ripe yet), feathers (our prized find, a peacock feather!), leaves, a tiny ear of corn, some pumpkins . . . all sorts of fun stuff!  I made a tiny little banner out of some card stock and embroidery floss proclaiming "NATURE" and found the fun fall printable (in a variety of colors if you need one to match your decor!) here
This has become a favorite spot in our house.  We all love to admire our growing collection and  it helps growing awe in the amazing and creative Creator of it all!

(Need a printer's drawer of your own?  There are bunches on Ebay.  They are often called shadow boxes and people use them for displaying collections of small items.  I have no idea what shipping would be on one of these things though). ;o)


Anna said...

Well isn't this adorable! And what fun to fill up all those nooks with little bits of, love, LOVE this idea, how fun.

...and that fun Fall printable looks familiar! :) Mine is adding some autumn cheer around my house. :)

Kathryn said...

I love (times 1000) this idea!!! So very, very neat....and so very, very *you* :) I never would have thought to use a printer's drawer for that but it just seems to be what it was made for!! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

Anonymous said...

I love this!! I want one too! :) I am going to keep my eyes out...thanks for sharing. Love your intentional fall series!!