Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Movie Night!!

While I realize in most parts of the country, the Smurfs are old news, the oldest four got to have a movie night with Daddy last night.  Arapahoe has a small theatre--3D screen and all--and shows movies just a bit behind everyone else.  The very best part?  Josh and four kids got into a 3D movie for $4.  No joking. ;o)  Monday nights are $1 movie nights, and kids not in school yet are free.  And a huge tub of popcorn? $1.50.  He did spring for $0.10 a cup water and $0.15 a piece "lollies" (suckers).  Small-town living definitely has a few perks. ;o)  We would have gone broke attempting such a feat in Lincoln!  (which is why we never did) ;o)  The kids came home all giggling and happy--sounds like it was cute--and I enjoyed some quiet time and snuggles with my littlest fellow.  It's safe to say a good night was had by all--and for a good price too!


Kathryn said...

What a fun little perk to small town livin!! There is something extra special about seeing a movie in a theater, but my kids have rarely experienced for the same reason you about breaks the bank!! I'm thinking we could make the trip to Arapahoe, see a movie with popcorn and *still* come out ahead of the price for a Lincoln movie. ha!

Anna said...

Hooray for frugal fun! So glad they could enjoy such a special outing. (And glad you got a quiet house at home for a bit!) :)