Thursday, October 27, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Grandma's Pumpkin Patch

This past June, Grandma's new pumpkin patch was completed, at the very end of their property.
It's quite the patch, all neatly fenced in to keep any deer with voracious appetites out.
The pumpkins got a bit of a late start, waiting for the fence to go up, but as of the first of October, they were still thriving--
And this past weekend we got to check out the harvest (and take a few home for ourselves!)
The "Long Island Cheese" seemed to do the best and be the most prolific--
Grandma planted over twenty different varieties (I think . . .)!
It wasn't the best pumpkin growing year do to the really hot July we had.
And a few plants dealt with an over drifting of Round-up.
But the storage room still had a nice variety--

Sadly, we think there was only one of the greenish-blue "Jarrahdale"
There is still a shelf that will hopefully ripen a bit more--
Grandpa has been teasing her to figure out exactly how much money went into growing each of these pumpkins.  And we all laugh because some things are just better off not knowing. ;o)
I'm not sure there is anything quite as delightful as pumpkin plants, when it comes to gardening and all.  And it makes me happy that I can live vicariously through my mother-in-law's patch. ;o) 


Mom said...

How wonderful! Looking forward to seeing the pumpkins in person tomorrow!

Edith said...

I didn't know pumpkins could be green! It must be really nice to have a garden on your property. I want to make that a goal for this year.

Anna said...

Oh, aren't these pretty! So glad you posted a picture of the bountiful pumpkin harvest...they are just lovely. (And I'm sure worth every penny for the autumn joy & cheer they spread.) :)