Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Fall Art Collage



(Of course his is a pumpkin hiding behind a big pile of fall items with a harvest moon and harvest stars and the pumpkin may or may not be holding a gun, but we'll all pretend it is not . . .)


(with some Mommy help) ;o)

This might just be my most favorite art project we've ever attempted--I LOVE how they turned out!
The idea came from here.
We broke the process up over several days.  The first day we painted using water color paper and a variety of acrylics I had on hand.  We attempted some color blending and some texturing.  Owen was over-the-moon-thrilled to be allowed access to the paint.

On another day we cut out shapes, pumpkins, stems, leaves, corn, acorns, etc.  I did most of this, with a bit of help from the girls.  And on yet another day we glued everything on and let it all dry.  Our black background paper is just poster board cut in half.  Finally, yesterday we used a set of metallic paints (Hobby Lobby, 40% off coupon . . . never buy art supplies full price) ;o) to embellish and add some sparkly details.  It sounds like a long process, but breaking it up into smaller bit makes it much more doable for me.  Thankfully, we have a large unfinished basement to carry on all these shenanigans (Because Owen wandered down with the others today, pulled some cranberry paint off the tall table and then set to work finger-painting the kids' table . . . I forgot how dangerous it is to teach a toddler something new).  ;o)


Kathryn said...

These are AWESOME! And Jackson's just made me laugh!! A pumpkin hiding in the leaves with a gun. LOL

Anna said...

I *LOVE* these, they turned out so pretty! ...and aren't you a brave mama, breaking out the paint (and letting your ambitious toddler play with them...) and the glue. Lovely, lovely--puts me in a celebratory mood. Yay for Fall! :)

Rachel Lundy said...

Oh my goodness, I love Jackson's pumpkin. Too funny!

Beautiful pictures.