Monday, October 31, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . the end

Well, it's not really "the end."  Every day we're always intentional about something.  I realized the other night, while doing bath time for my boys how relaxed and unhurried I was.  I thought about how the main reason behind my leisurely attitude was the fact I wasn't in my own home. We were at Josh's parents' home, and while I oversaw bath time, his mom washed the supper dishes. 
Too often routines become a sprint to the finish line (bedtime).
I run to-do lists in my head . . .
Clean up table.
Vacuum dining room.
All the while shooing children off to get showers or baths taken.
Sometimes I miss out on simple pleasures because my brain just gets too crowded up.

I realize sometimes that just can't be helped.  But every day we are intentional in the choices we make--and too many choices get made without much thought.  There are times we need to pull back a bit from the routine of life and really think about what is important.  That's been on my mind a lot lately.  People throw out the argument of whether children need quality time or a quantity of time.
The truth is they need both. 
“Wherever you are, be all there!" a man named Jim Elliot once said.  And in an age where our electronic devices make it easier than ever to be "there" but not "there" I think it's scary the amount of kids raised by parents who just aren't "there." I can't count how many times I've been at a park and watched a mom absentmindedly pushing her toddler in a swing all the while scrolling through on her phone. 
Be there.
Look them in the eyes.
Really laugh with them.
I know, even though I'm not at that stage yet, it is all going to be over way too soon.

And those are my thoughts after attempting a 31 day posting streak (won't be doing THAT again!).  I decided I'm not able to be witty that many days in a row.  It's quite taxing.  (And probably as the month dwindled to an end, rather boring!). ;o)  Now, to usher in November, work on our "Thanks and Giving" Tree (more on that when I figure it out . . .), and enjoy a bit of blog quiet. ;o) 


Anna said...

Oh, this is SO good to hear! I've been struggling with the same things lately...always being out-of-breath-in-a-hurry moving 1,000 mph all day and not stopping to play with my kids.

...and you definately were NOT boring! I enjoyed your intentional autumn very much. :) looking forward to seeing you thankful tree! :)

Kathryn said...

VERY well said! Great things to ponder! And I am *truly* sorry to see your daily posts end. They were a fun highlight of my morning and I wasn't bored ONE bit! truly can be witty and entertaining 31 days in a row!! I was hoping for 30 days of November. :)