Thursday, October 6, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Cooking with PUMPKIN!!!

A few of our most favorite pumpkin recipes . . .

~Frosted Pumpkin Cranberry Bars . . . recipe found here. To be honest I've never put the cranberries in (even though I love cranberry too, and I'm sure it would be a good mix), but they are really good plain.  The recipe can be baked in a 9x13 pan if you want a thicker bar, and you can half the frosting recipe if you do that.

~Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting . . . recipe found here.  I love the cinnamon cream cheese frosting!

~Maple Pumpkin Torte . . . recipe found here.  It's been awhile since I've made this one, but we've used it to celebrate October birthdays before.  You can't go wrong with maple flavoring. ;o)

~Coconut Pumpkin Bread . . . recipe found here.  I got this recipe from my sister, and it combines not only my love of pumpkin but my love of coconut as well.  I can't remember if when I made this I subbed in melted butter instead of the canola oil, but I do that in almost all my recipes with fine results. 

~Pumpkin Pancakes . . . recipe found here.  What's fun about these is the apple cider syrup (you can use honey instead of corn syrup if you prefer).  You can't find a better fall breakfast! ;o)

And then there are the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes we made today! They weren't too shabby themselves (but when does real whipped cream steer you wrong??).  I didn't have any instant espresso powder so I used a bit of instant coffee (covering my ears at all the coffee-lovers simultaneously groaning) that I keep on hand for baking purposes.  And I have a whole bunch of new pumpkin recipes pinned on my Pinterest "Food" board to try (look for the "pinterest" button over on my right sidebar).

So, now do you see why my husband bought me a case of pumpkin last year?  I'm still making my way through it, and because of it there was no pumpkin-shortage-crises to contend with this year.  Those cans had a moving box all to themselves. ;o)


Kathryn said...

I am going to continue to like you, friend.....even though you make *marvelous* goodies all the time and still manage to stay adorably tiny!! :) I think I may go back throughout the day and lick my computer screen to see if I can hold off on the urge to make that fudge..and all the rest of the yummy things you listed!!!! Yum!!! p.s. I remember your yummy homemade donuts on the first day of fall, too!

Janna said...

Oh Kathy, you're right, I totally forgot about the pumpkin donuts!! Those are good too. ;o) I may have to rumage that link up too!!

Anna said...

Oh, I'm so glad your beloved pumpkin made the move safely! All these look oh-so-good, I will be perusing those links shortly. Happy pumpkin consuming! :)