Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Book Basket (Part 2)

Admittedly, I have a rather long list of fall favorites, and so continuing on from last week . . .

Big, bright colorful pages full of pictures made with leaves--a great jumping off place to go out and make your own leaf pictures.
A sweet little story for the younger crowd.
Specifically read "Squirrel Nutkin" we LOVE this story! If  you only buy one book out of all my suggestions, please get yourself Potter's complete set!!  Every home with children should have these stories--we all love them, although Jackson may love them the best. ;o)
A cute little adventure story about some acorn children (this listing is for the mini edition, but if you want a copy, I'd poke around Amazon and spend a few dollars more for the full-sized one).
This isn't just a fall book, but covers the whole year, and how the farm changes month by month.  I've always enjoyed books like this (similarly Tasha Tudor's A Time to Keep is another special one or Elsa Beskow's Around the Year).
I love how the leaves are explained so that kids can identify them!
I love the artwork, and I love acrostic poems, so I love this book (and all the other season books he has done!). 

And of course, there are others, but I've gone through the books we either own or I would own if my book budget was endless! ;o)  I intentionally try to stay away from "Halloween stuff", we just don't do witches/monsters/ghosts/etc. here.  There seems to be enough to celebrate in the natural world and I don't want to take away from that. 
Happy reading! ;o)


Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. I am loving your "intentional autumn" posts!

Anna said...

Yay for more book picks...and dido what your mom said, I'm loving your postings this month! :)