Monday, October 17, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . Astronomy!

To begin with, no, this is not our telescope (although Josh wishes it were).
He learned that the ESU in Holdrege has a telescope they loan out to teachers, and since he has hopes of doing an astronomy unit with some of his students come spring, he thought he had better bring it home and start figuring out how to use it.  (FYI Josh loves astronomy).
He has taken the kids to viewings . . . woken us up in the middle of the night to watch lunar eclipses . . . so we all have a bit of knowledge.  Emmett's pretty good at spotting satellites (I kind of stare up at the sky all squinty trying to figure out what he's pointing to).
Josh located Jupiter for us the other night (or maybe is was Saturn?).  To be honest it looked like a big star to me. ;o)  Later, after we had all gone to bed he really started figuring the telescope out and learning how to focus it better, so I'm sure we have more nights of star gazing ahead of us. 
The kids love it!  It's another spectacular part of God's creation to appreciate--one I know hardly anything about--but thankfully they have a daddy for that. ;o) 


Anna said...

How fun! I often wished I knew more about the subject too...and how great to bring home a SERIOUS telescope...looks like great family fun. ;)

Kris said...

That looks like an awesome scope! Our kids got a little one for Christmas from Adam's dad a few years ago, but we couldn't see much and they found it much more interesting to take it apart and play with the parts. ;)

Totally cool activity!