Saturday, October 22, 2011

Intentional Autumn . . . An Adorable Book

If you read my blog I'm certain I've mentioned this book before and how cute I think it is--
The little felt finger puppet owl, the cut out pages, it truly is a favorite with all ages in our family!
For my sister's new little "pumpkin" we found this similar one--
Equally adorable with a little felt mouse finger puppet crawling his way through pumpkins and leaves and acorns and other delightfully fall-looking pages.  I want to keep it for myself. ;o)
The story line in both of these books is fairly simple (and similar), but I don't really like them because of the story.  I like the illustrations and I like the puppet.  In my opinion, they make excellent baby/toddler gifts!

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Anna said...

How cute! That owl one is so perfectly "you"...and love the pick for you new baby niece--I'm sure it'll be a fav of hers growing up. :)