Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days . . . an intentional autumn

A few blogs that I enjoy have a "31 days" theme going on in October, where a subject is picked and posted on it for 31 days.  This year it was opened up to other bloggers who might enjoy subjecting themselves to 31 days of posting.  I mulled over the idea for a few weeks.  Do I have anything to talk about for 31 straight days??  Anything worth reading??  (don't answer that) ;o)

Our move has left me a bit at loose ends.  Getting myself organized with a project seems cathartic.  Hence for an entire 31 days I will be posting on--

Which sounds kind of serious, but is really just me, planning seasonally appropriate activities for us to do and enjoy and then (drum roll . . . ) carrying them out! I have a (slight) idea-collecting hobby . . . and that pinterest, well, it's only adding fuel to my collecting fire! ;o) This October I'm going to put a lot of ideas into play. From nature to baking to crafting--it's a great time of year to make every day some sort of celebration.  And that's the plan, each day of October I will have a project or recipe or *something* to share, and perhaps you'll find a wee bit of inspiration to do autumn a bit more intentionally in your home. Stay tuned . . . ;o)

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Anna said...

LOVE this idea! I'll be checking in for autumnal inspiration...looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve. ;)