Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tonight . . .

I notice the shakiness in his voice as he came down from bed requesting a drink of water.  "What's wrong?"I ask, kind of surprised.
"I hate moving!" his voice cracks, he hurriedly gets his water and heads back to bed.  I follow.
"Why are you so sad tonight?" I keep my voice quiet, neutral.
"I'll miss my friends," he breaks into tears.
"You'll see them at church tomorrow," I remind him.
"But tomorrow is the last time," he retorts.
"I know, but we'll come back and visit," I remind him.  Remind myself.
"Okay," he settles in his borrowed bed for the weekend, turns toward the wall, conversation over.
"Love you buddy," I say softly, creeping out, my heart slayed by the tears of a six year old boy.  (The same boy who I witnessed spitting several times today, who insulted his granny's cookies quite rudely, and punched his sister in the back).
He never fails to surprise me.


Brooke said...

A little teary over here too. Praying for you and your family! And I think I will say nothing that resembles "good-bye' tomorrow... Love you all!!!

Kris said...

God has sooo much good to do in your little guy's life wrapped up in this move! We had a boy with MAJOR trials amongst our move to the Carolinas, all to discover he was about to meet the MOST AMAZING best friend at his school who loves the Lord and lost his daddy within months of meeting his new best friend from Nebraska. So neat when we can see the puzzle pieces fit together at certain points in our walks. Richest blessings to your sweet family during this time, Janna. ♥

Granny said...

Love you Jackson!

Anna said...

*BIG sigh* guys are in the thick of difficulties and a very stressful time (kids included!) Praying for you all, that the 'settled' feeling will come very soon--big hugs!