Tuesday, September 20, 2011


the mingling of sunshine, sweat, and a warm September day
smell the same at thirty-one as they did at seventeen
my feet crunch gravel in a familiar rhythm
for a moment
I'm taken back to country roads of yesterday
and long runs with sister and brothers
a whiff of lavender and fresh peeled potato
the whistling of wind on one side but not the other
the attentive caution of looking both ways again and again
because the sounds come at me confusing
bring me back
remind me I'm thirty-one
and blessed

(You all think poetically while exercising, right?  Good, because Josh thought I was being weird again) ;o)


Anna said...

Of course, why that's COMPLETELY normal! :) I love your running rhyme...makes me want to get out there and go too! :) Cute shot, this is a great posting.

Mom said...

I always love your writing!

Kathryn said...

Here's the kind of poem I think of while I am running:

I really wonder why
I do something that makes me want to die

Yours is much nicer!!! :)
Glad you're getting in some good running therapy these days!