Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Picture Catch-Up

I'm a bit behind in photo uploading.  I had a few from the old camera (which I had brought to the state fair . . . and it's the one Isabella grabs when she feels the need to document something) and also pics from the new camera.  A few snapshots of what we've been up to these last two weeks:

Emmett the lover of all creatures great and small
Owen and his big ice cream cone
Owen's way of keeping himself entertained for a good 20 minutes or so, complete with him walking around and bumping into things.  Remember Psalty?  Yeah, that's what he reminded me of.
A night of harvest moon chasing and apple cider drinking

Lots of track building by the biggest brothers . . . and unfortunately lots of destruction from the smallest one equals lots of "teachable" moments.

And here's me blind stitching the bottom of the next set of curtains with an Owen helper (as photographed by Isabella).  He seems to enjoy a front row seat to all I do. ;o)  And yep, I totally broke out a turtle-neck yesterday.  The sudden change of weather has left me a bit unprepared.  We showed up to a cross country meet yesterday with the girls in flip-flops.  I need to get some shoe shopping done for both of them. 
There are no major plans for today, perhaps a bit of "master" bedroom maneuvering (Josh and I took the smallest room to insure the kids had ample play space in their rooms) and well, things are cozy in there.  We might see if we can come up with a better arrangement.  Josh has a few plumbing projects to attend to and I have a few small sewing projects on my agenda for a little niece who will be making her arrival in the next month.  I must confess, researching cute baby projects is definitely a dangerous pastime as more than once my mind has wandered to "Maybe six . . .?"
At which point Josh covers his ears and hums loudly to himself.
Clearly the move has left me teetering on the edge of crazy. ;o)

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Anna said...

Love these shots, and seeing all your busy kids are into. ;) And LOL at the thought of another babe! :) I've been a bit sad lately when I walk past the timpanis with no Janna occupying the area.

I wanted to say 'thanks' for your sweet encouraging words in the mail the other day. Sovereignly timed, it came on a day that I really needed it, so THANK you...and sending a big hug your way, we are all missing you!