Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Check-In

At the end of my 2nd full day, things I have learned--

~Microwaving my water for tea at 90 seconds proves much too long here, as my burnt (several times!) tongue will attest to.

~Puncture vine flourishes in the "grass" (as Owen's little bare foot will attest to) so we cannot leave the door without shoes.

~Two days is the absolute limit I can go without a laundry hook-up.  Thankfully Josh took care of that this evening.

~Grasshoppers are wildly entertaining.

~Burning tasty smelling candles is helping a bit to delay all of these fall baking urges.  Just as soon as I have some time I'm going to get myself a batch of cinnamon rolls going!  And pumpkin bars.  And pumpkin fudge.  (Yes, my pumpkin supply is unpacked!) ;o)

~I'm a badly prioritized un-packer.  It is possible all of my children's toys, books, and all of our bathroom stuff still remains boxed while pumpkins and other fall nonsense adorns my shelves and hutches. It is also possible that I had Josh help me hang a curtain rod last night when he probably should have been building the girls' bunk bed.  They may or may not be sleeping on the floor (Marissa) and a toddler bed (Isabella).

~I am really in need of an office area.

~I'm not sure if it's drier here but I am thirsty ALL THE TIME and my hands and lips super dry--kind of strange.

Overall, things are coming together really well.   For the most part I have managed to get the kitchen, dining, and living areas all set up and *ahem* decorated (enough) to make it feel like home.  Our bedrooms are all messes, but I do have 2/3 unpacked with clothes, so that is a good start. We cannot locate the boys' mattress pads and sheet sets which has left both Josh and I rather perplexed.  I remember washing and folding them all--I know they have to be in a box somewhere but so far nothing has turned up.  We really need another room for the girls so that the 3rd upstairs bedroom can be an office/school/sewing room and we're still tossing around ideas for that.  I'm staying busy, the constant-in-motion kind which leaves little room for homesickness (for the most part . . . I may have felt a bit teary this evening . . .) but we're doing good.  Tomorrow will be a long day though, as Josh has a weekly evening class in Grand Island.  I guess the girl's bunk bed will have to wait until Friday . . . oops. ;o)


Kathryn said...

So good to "hear" from you. As far as I'm concerned fall decor *should* be at the top of the unpacking list!! :) Besides, I betcha the girls will think it's kind of fun to have a slumber party out of their bunk beds! Can't wait to see pictures of all your nesting!

Anna said...

Oh I'm glad to hear from you...I was wondering how things were going. The Fall decor sounds lovely (and okay as a high priority to make your home/living areas homey)...praying for the details and for good sleep for you all. Hugs, Deary! Wish I could be there to help. :)

Brooke said...

I have officially moved into fall baking and scented candles here too! Thinking of you a lot lately! And who needs beds, really? ;)

Carolyn said...

So nice to hear you are getting settled and that you are making the new house a home. Fall is a wonderful time of year to burn candles and put out some Fall decor. Blessings to you and the family!

Mom said...

Oooooo! Like your new blog page design. You are definitely getting ready for fall.

Kathryn said...

Look at the fall blog makeover!!!! Love it! I'm burning my fall candle today and thought/prayed for you!! How's the toe????