Friday, September 9, 2011

A Bit of a House Tour

A few glimpses as to what was accomplished this week . . .
I rid the living room of this curtain contraption (the landlord said I could, phew!) it was old and big and heavy and coated in inches of dust and it took me forever to unbolt all the little pieces from the wall.
And in its place I hung the ticking drapes which feel so much lighter and breezier.  Even Josh commented on what a difference they make.  There was the perfect amount of space between the front door and this window to fit my smaller hutch.
The view from slightly left of my front door, looking towards the dining room
(you'll notice another curtain system that needs to come down . . . I have the rods/ticking, but I'm lacking some drapery lining at the moment, if I can get that this weekend I might try to sew those next week).

Looking at the dining room from the kitchen--

I'm not quite done fiddling with that hutch yet--as the real gourds/pumpkins become more available I may stick those in.  The white ironstone feels a bit too "gleaming" for fall decor right now, so I may fiddle with that too.  The door next to my ladder heads into my laundry/second bath as well as being the door going down to the basement.  I truly love the shade I came out and painted a few weeks back--if you ever need a good taupe color that has more grey undertones instead of tan/pinkish ones I highly recommend it (Home Depot's Martha Stewart line "tobacco leaf" only mixed in Behr).
Much of my black furniture is going to need some "touching up" after the move--mainly around edges, etc.--which I guess is bound to happen.  One of these days I'll get on that . . . ;o)  I think I may paint the bathroom this weekend--it could use some help.  Oh, and check out this shower curtain! I informed my mom what I need for my birthday.  One can't have too much ticking, you know? ;o)


Mom said...

Wow...having seen the "before"....albeit with no! It looks like such a warm home already. And yes, your gift card will be ordered soon!!! :-) Love you

Mom-in-law said...

I absolutely LOVE the shower curtain! Can't wait to see your house. LOL

Kathryn said...

I'm dying over here! It looks SO GREAT!!!! I *knew* that hutch would be perfect in it's new home and it looks SO awesome with your table!!!! (I still love to think of that story!) Seeing these pics just confirms that those girls really didn't need beds afterall. haha!

Anna said...

WOW this is all gorgeous, Janna! LOVE your decorating style...and I think that adorable bathroom curtain would be the perfect thing. And a beautiful new blog header to boot! Lovely, lovely, your newly nested place looks perfect. (It would probably take me months after moving in to get to that point!)

Kris said...

Wonderful, homey feeling already- beautiful job, Janna!

Jennifer Buettner said...

The house looks great! You are so creative!