Sunday, September 11, 2011

As the first week ends--

Before time passes me by too quickly, I have to say how much my family and friends have blessed me during the moving process.  I have been overwhelmed, again and again . . . gift cards to eat out, gift cards to Hobby Lobby, sweet house-warming presents to cozy up my home, fun activities/gift items for the kids to do, being taken out to eat, help scrubbing up my old kitchen, the hospitality of family, notes to tell me I'm being prayed for, real handwritten notes arriving in the mail here--not to mention the help Josh got from guys helping him move as well as someone preparing a meal to feed all those guys.  I have felt so loved.  All of those sweet gestures have definitely helped cushion a heart that is a bit homesick and transition me from "there" to "here." Big (virtual) hugs to each of you--you know who you are.  I miss your faces already.


Anna said...

*sigh* We are missing your faces here! ..but I'm comforted knowing the Lord's special and perfect plans for you fam...our move and time away was greatly beneficial for our growth & maturity in Christ. I'm confident He will work in ways that none of us suspected, and we'll all get to hear delightful stories from YOUR transplant on how the Lord is working ALL things together for you guys!

Kris said...

the beauty of the body of Christ... ♥