Saturday, September 24, 2011

Around the house

A shoe pile by the door, always--
 Two boys who collaborate on drawings, this one of robots, but often of race cars and raceways, airplanes and explosions, you know, typical boy stuff--
Celebrating the first day of fall with our traditional breakfast, apple cider donuts and apple cider--
Loving this hilarious little fellow--

Free entertainment out the dining room window--

We're figuring out our new rhythms, slowly, but surely.


Mom said...

Wonderful! Love the pictures.

Kris said...

Delicious- well, everything but the shoe me one of those issues, too. ;)

Anna said...

Love these little bits! Those 'everyday life' photos are the best...I'm completely drooling over the donuts. And love your view out the window! :)

Kari M. said...

Glad to you sticking with your traditions in your own home! How wonderful that you have so many "familiar things" that are a part of your family that you can carry on at your new home (-= Praying for you!

Kari M. said...

I meant "new" home (-=