Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where I ramble, seeing as there are no other adults to converse with . . .

It is the end of day two, of week two, of Josh-less-ness.  This week has proved a bit bumpier.  In fact it feels I've kind of lived five days during the last two.  That's not a good way to feel at the end of a Tuesday. But the very cool thing is, tomorrow is my Friday!!  Bright and early Thursday morning I will be dropping all five kiddos with my dear parents (who will hopefully still love me come Friday evening when I return to get aforementioned kiddos . . .) and then I will be traveling out to Arapahoe all by my lonesome for two full days of uninterrupted painting fun.  To be honest, I can't quite grasp the idea of a three hour drive with no tattling from the back seat, no threats from the front . . .  Will I be bored?  Perhaps I will just sit in silence the whole way and soak it in. ;o)

I'm hoping to tackle the living room, dining room, and kitchen during those two days.  I'm not sure if that is possible or not, but I'll find out.  Josh will still be teaching Thursday and Friday, so for the most part I'll be on my own.  Friday afternoon he'll come home with me, we'll leave his van at the Holdrege train station, and then during the middle of the night between Saturday and Sunday he'll take a train out.  Did you know a train runs from Lincoln to Holdrege every night?  It's true.  It'll give us one less day together over the weekend, but at least we can save a bit in gas money.

Today I got a few more boxes packed up.  The girls' room is nearly devoid of everything except clothing.  I'm slowly ridding the house of toys.  I think in the end all I will keep out will be 1) play-dough 2) Trio blocks and 3) Lego blocks.  As long as my boys have access to those things I believe we will be okay.  And art supplies!  We'll keep those out to the very end. 

School for the most part is going well.  The girls and I are really enjoying the Mystery of History and tomorrow we do our first science project, an edible cell (yummy). ;o)  Jackson astounded me by telling me he was thankful for school tonight.  I asked him what in particular, and of course, math would be his favorite thing.  This from the boy who found immense joy in filling out 100 charts last spring.  He's a bit resistant in the phonics arena.  I'm not quite sure yet how much to push and how much just to let be.  He's got the sounds down, and kind of gets that we string them together to make words, but the actual blending gets kind of bumpy.  We'll just keep taking it slow.

Overall the days definitely have a busy-ness to them that leaves me feeling behind most of the time.  I'm not sure if that is from adding another student to our school or because I've lost my 2nd string, or because I'm moving--or probably a combination, huh? ;o)  I'm definitely in need of this little painting "vacation" getting us to the half-way mark of our family living in two different places.  And then, hopefully  it will be all downhill after that!


Tiff said...

You definitely need to make sure you're giving yourself plenty of breaks and little treats along the way too! You deserve it!

Kari M said...

Praying for your family Janna as you guys get ready for this move and with school! No fun when Daddy's aren't home at night )-= Take some good books on DVD to listen to while you paint!! That is what I USED to do when I would paint before the kiddos came along! and chocolate...because you won't have to share!

Anna said...

Wow, what busy-ness! Enjoy your peaceful paint-cation, and how wonderful that Josh can catch a train sounds so romantic. Praying for you guys! I'm kind of getting sad that soon we'll all have to be getting used Janna-less-ness around here. *hugs*

Brooke said...

Have fun painting with no interruptions! And a quiet wonderful! Looking forward to seeing paint pics. Fun colors?