Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Weekend

Yesterday evening we took advantage of some free children's zoo tickets and then proceeded to tour the zoo in a lovely downpour--enabling me to check "play in the rain" off of our summer to-do list. Jackson--to borrow a word from Marissa--was despondent. ;o)  It would seem playing in the rain is an okay thing if the proper kind of rain gear is involved.  However, there were no boots, umbrellas, or raincoats.  It didn't quite live up to his expectations.  He was much happier once his impromptu poncho (a garbage sack with some holes cut in it) was on.
Here we are hiding out by the gibbons--
Not a good day for light colored pants and scandalous underwear (not that I would know. . .). ;o)
Today was spent readying a house for company and cooking and stuff.  I decided to do a late birthday party for Isabella and an early one for Jackson to get family over one more time before we moved.  To be frank, it was an exhausting end to an exhausting week. 
But it did involve cake, lots of cake. ;o)
Isabella's "Neapolitan Cake with Strawberry Frosting"
And Jackson's "Lemon Rainbow Swirl"
Now, onto tomorrow!
Church, and FINALLY getting around to planning out our first week of school (which starts Monday).
And packing Josh.
But in all this busy-ness, Josh did manage to surprise me with something fabulous . . .
Any guesses?? ;o)
(and Mom, if you're reading "Shhhhhhh!") ;o)


Kathryn said...

You're killin me! I'm supposed to go to sleep after reading about some wonderful surprise you received??? How very, very cruel of you! ;) I hope it is *delightful* and I hope you reveal it soon!!!

Mike and Kirsten said...

Oh man- don't leave us hanging! Also- I think I need to enlist you to make my next birthday cake...looks so delish!

Anna said...

Oh I've missed so much going on in your household lately! The bday cakes are beautiful...and can't wait to see your pretty girl in her new glasses. Happy studies on your first week of school!!