Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Packing Progress

Just a quick check-in to inform you that yes, I'm still here.
I've been doing a lot of this--
(This is the living room stack . . . not to be confused with the "garage stack" or the "master bedroom stack" or the "upstairs stack")
I always forget how tedious packing a home is.  This is our 6th move in eleven years of marriage.  And I will go on record saying it is the "worst" one.  I'm not quite sure why.  I called off school for the week, which helped a lot.  I have accomplished more this week than all the previous weeks (probably because I HAVE to).  I'm finally seeing progress.  THE BASEMENT (said with scary music) still looms ahead of us, but Josh was able to get a sub for Friday and hopefully the two of us together can get that done lickity-split.  Knowing I am moving to a place that I could have to move from within a year does not make it any easier.  Such is the life of a vagrant. ;o)  Should such a situation arise I may inform Josh of my adult-onset allergies to cardboard boxes, tape guns, and sharpie markers.  ;o)


Kathryn said...

This picture does not make me happy!!! :( :( The only thing I can joy in is knowing that you are going *right* where the Lord wants you to be!!!

LOL--my word verification is "bootoxe" which reminded me of your boxes or maybe an injection of botox!

Anna said...

DIDO what Kathy said. Hang in there. Oh, and I believe it's the worst move because you now have 5 busy children and are doing this while hubby is gone with the pressures of homeschooling and getting adjusted to a new life for all 7 of you--I'm still praying, Deary! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow...I'm getting my packin muscles warmed up. ;)