Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting the House

Thursday, I became acquainted with my new home.
For something that was agreed to via pictures that were emailed to me, it's not too bad.
*big sigh of relief*
There are some strange things, like little hooks screwed into the ceilings in nearly every room--two over the bathtub?? A variety of interesting light fixtures and dated draperies.  No garbage disposal. 
But it's all livable and tweakable.
Here's the living room with its new paint job (and bachelor set-up for Josh):
It has a window that faces east that lets in some nice natural light.
And here's the kitchen area with an adjacent dining room:
(yay for a window over the kitchen sink, and a large dining room window that both face west--hello sunsets!)
I painted everything "tobacco leaf," a Martha Stewart color I found at Home Depot (but had them mix it up in Behr).  I wanted something neutral.  At times I have been rather bold with my color choices (deep red . . . a sturdy terra cotta . . . "oregano"), but at I get older and settle more into what I like I realize I am a "seasonal decorator," constantly changing my environment to match what is going on outside.  A nice neutral seemed to be the best option.  I'm sure our landlords will be relieved. ;o)
My ticking drapes I sewed this past spring should work on one window, and I'm going to make a matching set for the other window.  My hutch should fit fine in the dining room (phew!) and overall it should be a nice space for us, for however long we are there.  Our landlords hope to sell the place (our lease terms would be honored), and I will admit it was a bit unsettling to see the "for sale" sign appear in the yard while I was busy painting and readying it for us to move in.  We'll just keep trusting God to work out all of those details.  In the meantime, new paint made everything feel fresh and new and more "mine."  I see more painting in the future, but it was definitely a nice head start on such a project! ;o)


Mom said...

Wow Janna, that is a great improvement, especially the kitchen. That red was a bit harsh. I like the color you chose. Little by little, it will feel like home. Can't wait to see your fall decorations up!

Carolyn said...

The most beautiful thing is your sweet spirit! You are such a testimony of letting God control you instead of letting circumstances control.
Your family and your love for the Lord and each other will turn this house into a home. You have a great start already!
I'm with your Mom, looking forward to your special touch on decor. Fall is a special time to decorate. Love your choice of paint color,too.
Don't forget to give us updates! Praying for you,too.

Anna said...

Ooh I was hoping to see pictures!! I love the color. It all looks so fresh and clean and's hard to imagine that your sweet family will all be there in a few short weeks. Lovely job!

Kathryn said...

The fresh paint looks *great* and I cannot wait to see how you "Jannacize" your new place! :) I knew that hutch would find a good spot!