Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Late Summer Nature Walk

The trail at Pioneers Park--it's one I've wandered for years.
First with my sister, brothers, parents,
and now with my own brood.
It always makes me immensely happy.
And it is one of those places I will immensely miss once we move.


Happy trails those are.
I read somewhere that you should find a natural place your family enjoys and strive to visit it monthly so you can note the ebb and flow, the changing of the seasons, the rhythm of a year.  I can't say we made it out there monthly, but at least once or twice a season.  There is always something new to see and enjoy, always something to "wow" over and point back to our amazing Creator.
I will definitely be on the look-out for such a place near our new home.

And I'm counting down until the next time we can meander down that familiar path--it really is a dear old friend--once more.


Kathryn said...

Owen's expression is similar to that owl's expression. :) FUN place to go....especially when you have a new camera to play with. Yay!

Anna said...

Janna--these pictures are GORGEOUS! I do love that nature trail, so glad you introduced me to guys will have fun exploring new places as a fam in your new habitat...looking forward to seeing what fun things your artistic eye will capture...and I'm so glad to be able to keep in touch via blogdom! (Orchestra was too quiet without you there tonight.)

Brooke said...

I have a similar happiness when I drive down a deserted gravel road or even a dirt one when I can find it, with no real destination or agenda. I'm sure you'll find some new haunts and that your old friend will be there whenever you can visit! :)

Kari M. said...

We sure love the nature walk too! Funny how we went across the bridge again last time and decided to strike out further on the path and I was completely confused about the map because I read it as straight ahead (which was going south) but only if the map had been posted upside down. Anyway...that sounded confusing too...needless to say we didn't find what we thought we were going too!!