Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home Again

The paint-cation is over!  I was able to get all the painting done that I had planned and a hallway too! Thanks Kari for the book-on-CD suggestion--I felt like such an efficient multi-tasker, getting a major home improvement job done while "reading" a book. ;o)  I was a bit nervous how the drive out there by myself would go, mainly because while I have traveled a lot via vehicle I haven't ever really gone anywhere by myself.  But the book (Willa Cather's Song of the Lark) kept me good company and the drive went fast.  Highway 6 is starting to become familiar to me.

My kids had a wonderful time.  Thursday morning, when I went to wake them up to head to the farm, every single one of them just popped right out of bed in uncontained excitement (it was a quarter to six!).

How I know they had a good time??
140 Swedish pancakes awaiting their arrival
Muddy shoes and dirt smudged clothes
Everyone talking all at once
A little fish swimming in a bucket with a large worm (souvenir from the fishing trip where 15 such fish were caught and subsequently released)
Demonstrations of 4-wheeler driving ability
Cows checked-on
Doggies loved on
Heads nodding on the drive home
Baths taken, jammies on, telling me they're thankful for their sleepover with Papa Roy and Granny

Thanks so much to my mom and dad for giving my blondies two full days of fun memories!! Hope you get some good rest. ;o)


Mike and Kirsten said...

Nice productivity on the painting. The last time I drove to NE, I used a book on CD. It was great, however, I thought I'd be able to listen the whole 13 hrs but it made me sleepy at times. Regardless, I really liked it for my first time.

Anna said...

Praise the Lord for awesome parents (and grandparents!) ...that vacation sounds so nice, I just might want to visit their farm too.

SO glad you got a lot of painting done--I was praying for that. ;) And I love the book on CD idea!