Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting my ducks in a row . . .

This week--
1. Acquired a 2nd minivan for Josh (I KNOW, we are so cool!) because we figured with the seats removed it would make a more cost-effective truck.
2.  Got a new "tensioner" for the serpentine belt on my van=no more strange squealy noise
3.  Took Marissa in for her first eye appointment, first pair of glasses currently on order
4.  Boxed up a bunch more stuff (mainly toys) and moved boxes and some storage containers out to garage
5.  Made a trip to Omaha after a conversation with our upcoming landlord went something like this, "Oh, and by the way a refrigerator and stove is not provided." Which may have been better information to have prior to the 2nd minivan purchase . . .
6. Got Josh some "back-to-school" clothes.
7.  Keep reminding myself daily I have two pairs of pants to hem for Josh before he leaves.

And stuff like that.  ;o) 

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