Monday, August 22, 2011

A Bit of Levity

From time to time I like to read Marissa's diary--completely with her permission of course--mainly because it is always wildly entertaining  and a great way for me to really see what is going on in her head.  After such a session, I just had to share, and she was so excited she couldn't wait for me to put in on my blog (and kept asking daily), so for your entertainment--

"July 11th, Monday
Well, Mommy is still ruining my life today.  When me and Jackson want something she always lets Jackson have that thing, then Jackson will act smug about it.  But Mommy doesn't care.  Bella is very annoying right now, she doesn't care about me.  She just cares about herself.  So does Jackson and Emmett.  They're nothing but pests.  But they're not just any pests, for instance, ticks are a pest but some ticks carry disease.  Jackson and Emmett are pests that carry disease.  Bella has been bragging all day about how she has touched the drain of the pool.  It seems like she loves bragging and showing everyone how she can do it.  I am so mad at her! Will she ever stop talking about it?  Bella is trying to make me not write bad things about her, so I will stop.  IF she stops talking about her silly old drain.  That's it!  I wish Bella would get out of my room.  Now she's singing a song about how she touched the drain! Show-off!  Anyways, I did my writing workshop today which is so much fun, you just write stories or poems a whole hour and thirty minutes!  What do you think of that! But this isn't report writing this is creative writing, all creative writing.  Oh yes, just to let you know, you wouldn't like Jackson Cooley if you met him."

After I read this aloud to her in a overly-dramatic voice we were both laughing.  And I said, "Now Marissa, do you think you may have been over-reacting and exaggerating just a bit?"

And she replied, "I know, but I was vexed!"

At which I burst out laughing again. Vexed??  Coming at a future date, "How Marissa Will Raise Her Children."  She has some great ideas. ;o)


Carolyn said...

I'm amazed, simply amazed! She can certainly express herself in her writing. Made me smile,too. Look forward to her child raising ideas,too. She may become an author. As the years go by,this diary will be full of priceless memories of her childhood.

Mom said...

I love it and hope Marissa will let you share more. Maybe she should have her own blog, Janna! What do you think? I'd sure read it.

On the other have some great "teachable moments" there.....

Anna said...

Goodness, this is SO funny! I wish I was half as smart as your dear Marissa.

...and dido what Carolyn said. Maybe we'll all be reading her mothering book some day. :)

Disease-carrying pests--LOL!

Brooke said...

Ah, to be the big sister! I'm sure my diary (if I'd been disciplined enough to have one) would have read much the same way. :) Marissa will have fun looking back at this! (And Jackson, I have met you and I have to say, I like you quite a bit!)