Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This picture is especially for Daddy who hasn't gotten to see the new eye wear yet--
Is it me, or does she now look a lot older?
And so studious!!
My dad is all set to call her Professor Ghoulihan (he was/is the king of made-up names, and this was what he dubbed me after I got my first pair of glasses).
She loves them and is thrilled with what she is now able to see from afar, like
"Oh look!  I can read the clock on the stove!"
Somebody probably should have gotten her in to an eye doctor a wee bit sooner. ;o)
How did I finally realize she couldn't see very well?
At VBS they do a huge picture video up on the large projector screen at church--
she said she couldn't see herself because it was blurry.
That was my "sign." ;o)


Mom said...

Yes, she looks older, Janna....and just beautiful, too! Definitely a professor!

Daddy said...

My Rissy is getting older to fast :(

Kathryn said...

Love 'em and YES, they do make her look older!

Anna said...

She looks lovely, and what a great thing to see clearly. (and yes she looks older too!)