Monday, August 22, 2011

An Autumn-Inspired Give Away!!

In my lifetime I have won two things--both in the last year or so, both from blogs.
 I decided this winning thing is quite fun. ;o)
The last give-away I won was this one.  I have loved that bag all summer!  I have received so many compliments on it!  It's been the perfect size to be my "purse." I can throw so many things in it . . . books, a diaper, sheet music . . . you know, stuff. ;o)
I decided I would need one that looked more "autumnal."
I measured and fiddled and came up with this--
And maybe you would like one too??
For your library books or your diapers or a market bag or . . . ?
So, in honor of my blog approaching three years in age and the fact that my most favorite season of all will soon be upon us, I have decided to do a little give-away.
What you'll get if you win:
An "autumn tote" that measure roughly 17x14 inches in a variegated brown linen and lined with the same brown polka-dot you see on the ruffle.
And some "creamy pumpkin" antibacterial hand soap--to keep you clean and healthy ;o)
To enter:
Leave me a comment, even if you have never left a comment before (you don't have to have a blog!!) and tell me what you are looking forward to doing once the cooler weather hits.  Include your email address in this fashion "name (at) provider (dot) com."  That way I can contact you and get your mailing address privately (unless I know you and know how to contact you, then don't worry about it!). I will draw a name next Monday!!


Kathryn said...

I promise that even if I don't win this ADORABLE bag I will still love ya! :)

Tiff said...

You know who I am and that is AN ADORABLE BAG!~ I have to have it. P.S. I've already decorated for fall...I just couldn't wait! Oh..and what I'm looking forward to most of all? How can I pick one thing? I'm hoping to take many, many nature walks with my family admiring the beautiful colors!

Angie U said...

So cute. Your posts always make me :). Love the diary posts. Looking forward to cooler weather and maybe getting some home projects done before winter.

Brooke said...

What fun! I love give-aways. :) I am looking forward to sweater-and-jeans combos and football! Yay for fall!

Anonymous said...

Oh another reason to love your blog. Im looking forward to spending more time getting some projects done. And decorating some areas of my home that need a little" prettiness" and not so lived in look. Stephanie dowding

auntnike28 said...

I am looking forward to my cool weather clothes, autumn smells and apple cider

Anna said...

Well aren't you a fun blogger? That bag is gorgeous--and I'm so impressed that you have time to do it! :) Hmm, the thing I'm looking forward to is getting the kids outside to explore and smell the yummy fall scent in the air...perhaps a nature walk is in order. Hope you're having a good week! :)

Anonymous said...

When I asked my little boy his answer was to go outside when it's raining, jump in puddles then run in a big pile of colorful leaves. I am soo looking forward to sit outside with a big cup of hot tea and just look at God's wonderful creation. Awesome job on the bag;)Julie

Kari M said...

Ohh!!! Pick me! Pick me!! Love the bag and your craftiness so inspires me! How do I not find time to do this stuff?!?!? In the fall we most look forward to Husker football and apple cider (-=

Josh (Husband) said...

Pick me ... I can so see myself taking that bag with me to school every day! It's a little girly, but it will do just fine ;)

jenh said...

Oh, that bag is so cute! I'm looking very much forward to fall decorations, autumn comfort foods, jackets and scarfs..oh, and snuggling with my new little one!

Kathryn said...

If Josh wins I'm going to protest that this was rigged! haha!

Jared, Julie, Reef & Ayrton Rohrs said...

I love reading your blog and the way it just seems to be your "thing" at raising 5 cuties, and doing everything else a wife/mom does!

I am looking forward to cooler weather, football, and trying to be more creative - :)