Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Very Busy Weekend

(Subtitled--"So many pictures I should have made a slide show.")
We kicked off the weekend on Friday, with a picnic and a paddle-boat ride at Mahoney.
Summed up--It was hot.
I don't really recall Saturday, but I think it involved barbecued pork and swimming. Oh, and the fireworks show!
On Sunday I attempted to get a patriotic picture of my crazies.
Group shot--not so hot.
But I did get a nice picture of Emmett that didn't involve his tongue hanging out.
And one of my girls, which I absolutely love.
Have I ever mentioned that fact I adore all the varying shades of blue eyes all my kids possess??
I do.
I would go swimming in them if I could. ;o)
Sunday evening I majorly messed up the kitchen with cheese cake prep.
Owen helped.
Monday we enjoyed a noon meal at my parents' home in celebration of my dad's birthday.  Fifty-six I believe??
Unfortunately, (although that should read "devastatingly" accordingly to Bella) she woke up with a tummy bug on the 4th of July, causing her to miss the party . . . that matching bandanna tunic picture I had planned with her cousins . . . playing at Granny and Papa Roy's house . . . and the water games and trampoline jumping she was supposed to do at a friend's house later.
She emphatically pronounced it the "worst 4th of July ever."
She did rally by evening time enough to let me snap a picture of her, (I wish I looked that nice after throwing up in the vicinity of 10 times . . .) and do some sparklers, catch some lightening bugs, and blow up a few other things in Grandpa and Grandma's front yard.
Overall, a good weekend.
One we'll probably spend the rest of the week recovering from. ;o)
And by recovering I mean the rescue-the-home-from-dirty-laundry-take-over kind.
I'm hoping NOT the flu bug variety.  Let's all hope together!! ;o)

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Anna said...

...yes hoping and praying that your bunch doesn't domino the bug (what a bummer for Bella!) These are REALLY awesome pictures, I especially love the one of the girls together (gorgeous!!) and Bella in her beautiful blue--those hankerchief tops are so adorable. Looks like a very fun time...well worth a week's recovery. ;)