Thursday, July 21, 2011

Raising a Bookie

I've been collecting pictures of Marissa reading . . . I'm not sure why, mainly because they amuse me.
Here she is with a reading companion--
Here she is fitting nicely in a door frame--
Here she is just looking cute--
Here she has found the perfect reading spot, comfy chair and a bright window--
And here she is in the party aisle of Super Target--
I wish I had a picture of her five minutes later when she realized reading and walking through a store a good combination do not make.  She crawled onto the bottom rack of the cart, feet sticking out one end, nose buried in a book at the other.  It must be love. ;o)


Mom said...

Love it, love it, love it. I wish I could say she reminds me of someone....yes, sort of, ....but she does have you beat big time!!!

Keeslermom said...

My kids love to read too. Another homeschool mama asked what reading curriculum we used and I just laughed. We use the "Don't make me tell you to put that book down one more time!" curriculum. Shopping-reading works about as well as vacuum-reading. Trust me on this one.

Kathryn said...

How *great*!!! I love her shoes in pic number 2...she looks so cute and stylish while she's reading!! Evan picked up a book on Spiders the other day and read it *for fun, on his own* and I was elated!!! There's something about seeing a child read that does the heart good! :)

Anna said...

These are so cute! What a sweet trait for such a sweet girl...the shopping cart doesn't seem like it would be very comfy, but I'm very impressed at her make-shift reading spot. ;)