Saturday, July 9, 2011

My "Wheat" Pictures

I was able to take off with the kids this morning to get my much-desired "wheat pictures."  I'm going to admit disappointment whenever I attempt something like this.  I wish I had gotten more pictures of all five of them and tried them out further in the field.  But unfortunately trying to coordinate the smiles and patience of five children--I have discovered--is virtually an impossibility.  Not to mention my uncle and cousins were literally arriving with the equipment to start the harvest . . . I really couldn't linger forever. ;o)  Emmett was a bit of a stinker, but he was all smiles when posing with his beloved toad--had to include those pics too.  Overall, we had a fun morning at my parents and I did score a few favorite pics out of the deal. (edited to add--I used Picasa to put together a quick movie but I seem to have issues with blurriness, especially if you exit to full screen . . . I'm not really sure why that is, but really, my pics are not THAT blurry!!) ;o)


Anna said...

*WOW* These are SO incredibly cool, Janna! Love the chair idea for Owen, this is such a fun setting for your beautiful bunch. Lovely job! :)

Mom said...

Love the pictures! Love the kids in 'em!!! Glad you all had a fun time this morning.

Kathryn said...

Darling! You did a great job and just imagine what you'll accomplish when those SwagBucks add up to that new DSLR! ;) I think it is truly a test of a mother's patience to try to get a decent snap of all her kids together. I only ever have to do it with 3 so KUDOS to you for adding in a couple more. :) Your "baby" looks very close to "toddler" in that last picture with the cowboy hat and those toad pics are precious!