Friday, July 22, 2011

Hutch Whispering

Subtitled--"Making a Hutch what it was BEGGING to be"
So here's the hutch, found on craigslist for $75--it was going to look just perfect on the wall of what was going to be my dining room in Holdrege--but we won't focus on that. ;o)
It's in good condition, just not the look I was going for.
Within minutes of getting it in the house I had Josh trying to remove the "fences."
In the end, a saw was the best way to go.  The kids were appalled at the massacre of perfectly good little fences.  Josh assured them that Mommy had a vision.
And then with sheer brute strength he popped out all those little pegs, leaving me with 20 tidy little holes:
Holes "we" filled with wood filler. 
I was working along-side him until he took a peek at my handiwork.  He suggested I just let him finish it up . . .
While waiting for all those little holes to dry I gave her a good wipe-down with liquid sander. Then I got started painting the bottom part of the hutch.
With my helper Owen.
In my kitchen (also known as my "furniture painting studio").
Yes, that IS a dirty diaper laying over in the corner.
And yes, I do on occasion line my paint trays with tin foil, but usually only when I'm out of  "press and seal"--which was the case on this occasion.
The next day I sanded the patched holes.  I did a mediocre job.  Thankfully, black paint is fairly forgiving.  Looking at it straight on you can't tell the holes are there. 
It took two solid coats of Behr "paint and primer in one" in "black suede." And then a light third coat for a few little touch-ups.  I ordered new hardware for it from The Knob Shop--an ebay store with fabulous prices and fast shipping.  I love "cup handles" which can run you $5-$6 at a home improvement store.  The ones I ordered were $1.55.  I picked "antique weathered nickel."  Love them!
We (*ahem* Josh) did have to enlarge the holes for the handles with a drill bit because it was too tight a fit.  And also fill holes and redrill on the middle drawers because I wrongly assumed they were all the same distance apart. That will teach me to measure in only one spot!  Oops.  Minor speed bumps. ;o)
Here's the finished project:
I'm in love. 
 Forget the ironstone collecting.  I might just collect black hutches! ;o)
And one more time, just because I'm so thrilled with it (and side-by-side comparisons are so fun!):

 Here's to hoping the next home has *just* the spot for it!! 


Kari M. said...

AMAZING! Looks so beautiful Janna! I am quite jealous (-=

Kathryn said...

SQUEEL!!!!! That looks amazing!! Smart move removing the "fences" and you *know* I love the black paint! :) I think I saw this on CList and was thinking..."Great price, great potential!" Be very glad I had no room for a hutch or we may have been dueling over it! ;) Looks GREAT and I just know the Lord is going to find a perfect sport for it!

Mike and Kirsten said...

Catching up on blog reading...the hutch looks great! You are a transformer with your projects. Also-sorry to hear about the house not working out. It was tough for me to hear so I'm sure it was over the top difficult for you guys! You're in my thoughts & prayers.

Anna said...

*WOW!* This is way better than H.GT.V--amazing! You and Josh could have your own show--you the shopper/designer and Josh the handyman/finisher. The end product is just amazing, I can't believe you found that for such a cheap price. Excellent job. ;) ..praying for just the right home for you guys...would the 'perfect house people' rent it out? :) ..looking forward to seeing how the Lord answers these prayers.

The Little Blue House said...

Awesome transformation!

Brooke said...

This is SO great Janna! Yay you!

Brooke said...

Oh, and I think you need to submit these pics to :)

Elisha said...

I found your blog ! :) love your hutch... what a deal! Enjoyed looking through some of your pictures... what a proverbs woman you are! Where is your follow button???? ~ Elisha Moeller
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