Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Eighth Isabella Faith!!!

These years are starting to fly together much too quickly!
How can it be that I have a fresh new eight year old on my hands?
Because I think it was just last year that you were this--
Where have those plump arms and cheeks of my little four year old gone??
Didn't you know you were supposed to always be the baby girl?!
This year I have seen your interests bloom, and I have found in you a kindred spirit,
one who loves to craft and sew and create as much as me. 
I love coming upon you working on some little project all by yourself,
cutting apart this old discarded shirt
sewing it to this unused skirt in the dress-up container,
and suddenly, you've created a new dress!'
You enjoy taking pictures too, and it is always fun to send you off with my camera and see what you come back with. Usually I find lots of pictures of flowers. And sometimes one or two of me. ;o)
You're still the shy one. My quiet girl. A natural little mommy.
But tough and resilient.
I love the sparkle in your eyes.
And every single one of those freckles.
I  love you bunches sweet girl.
It is a joy having the privilege to raise you.
Keep growing and shining, but most of all,
may Jesus be your all in all.

Happy birthday Bella-boo!

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Anna said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful EIGHT-year old! I so love these pictures...what a lovely (inside & out) and sweet girl...hope her day was wonderful! :)