Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching Up

While technically, summer will linger on a bit longer (according to the calendar), ours will be finding it's end shortly.  This last week, filled with a birthday party, VBS, play dates, and more gave us a dizzying whirl of activity, reminding me of the end of a fireworks show, when everything is exploding in every direction . . .
Yes, that describes last week quite nicely.
Particularly the dirty dish and laundry piles. ;o)
The highlights--
Last Saturday afternoon we entertained a pool full of kids in celebration of Isabella's birthday.
Sunday, I made a quick before-church run for some donuts as a birthday breakfast treat (Isabella had requested monkey bread, but after the aforementioned party I just didn't have a yeast recipe in me . . .).
I'm not really a store-bought donut kind of person.  After being spoiled by mom's homemade ones growing up I just find the ones you buy not-so-tasty.  I did however decide to get myself a sugared cake donut.  You can only imagine my surprise when I bit in to find it had been rolled in SALT!
I'm not sure if somebody thought they were being funny or if the donut maker was a recent hire.
It wasn't tasty. And I'm STILL really not a fan of store-bought donuts. ;o)
Monday kicked off vacation Bible school, where I got myself and five children to church for 8:30 five mornings in a row.  I worked in the 2-3 year old room this year.  And I must say, I really enjoyed myself.  I used to work with toddlers in daycare settings, and even though I've been home with some form of toddler in my home for awhile now, it was just different organizing a whole class of them.
We did our best to recuperate during the afternoons, a load of laundry here, a filled dishwasher there.
Jackson actually took a nap twice last week.
Isabella had fun crafting all sorts of scenes for her dolls (like this one, where they are at the library) and then asking to borrow my camera to document. I was rather startled to discover 87 pictures on my camera with dolls in various outfits and poses.
Emmett has been on a stuffed animal kick, where animals must be tucked in with him at night, or join us for meals.
I successfully mastered a "waterfall" French braid, and have tried Marissa's patience on several occasions attempting to get it "just right."
Jackson really thrived during the whole week at VBS, listening hard and coming home with all sorts of things to tell me.  He was really hoping to win the coloring contest.  He made a new friend. He warmed my heart by pointing out, "That's my mommy!" He informed me he would have seven children when he was a daddy and he would tell them all about Jesus and make sure they didn't say bad words.  And on Saturday, Marissa walked him through his wordless necklace and he decided he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart.  Oh, I know, he's five, and time will tell, but it has thrilled my heart to see some growth and maturity in him this week . . . and might I add *just* in time for him to start kindergarten. ;o)

Owen officially conquered his fear of the church nursery and now will walk in on his own without crying.  He also figured out how to keep his balance in a life jacket and can be found paddling all over the pool (still under close supervision of course-I don't just throw him out there!). ;o)
It was a busy week, but we all had a bunch of fun.
As far as the coming week is concerned, Josh and I will be tackling moving preparation.  We found a rental and it is officially vacant as of tomorrow.  Josh will move out there next Monday, and we will follow over Labor Day weekend.  And we're starting school in a week.  As sad as I will be to see August come to an end and our time in Lincoln over, I'm also ready to be settled and the focus shifting just to the schooling.  Trying to plan for both is sheer craziness. ;o) 

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Anna said...

Love hearing all these tidbits...great analogy to a fireworks finale. VBS sounds like it was a good week for you guys too. And praise the Lord for Jackson's interest in being saved--that is a blessing.

I'll be praying for you guys with details and all the work needing to be done with a move AND a schoolyear to lift off. Hang in there! (And call if you need anything!!) :)