Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 7

"Peppermint Day"
I spent the first half of today under the influence of a migraine.  I rarely get migraines, and when I do I believe they are fairly mild compared to what some people go through.  I had the "visual aura" hit me around 9:00 and that lingers for about half an hour and then the headache hits.  This one was a bit more pronounced than usual (meaning I would have liked to fasten my head into a vise) ;o) and made me nauseous.  Yuck.  But about 1:30 I was feeling just about as good as new--and we finally went ahead with the planned activities . . .
Like candy cane beading-- 
Sparkly peppermint play-dough--
And Peppermint Popcorn for snack--
This is my friend Amanda's recipe and it is some GOOD stuff (read that HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!). ;o)
She gave me the go-ahead to share her recipe, so here it is if you are craving a special festive treat
- 2 bags of plain white microwavable popcorn (popped)
- 1 package of candy canes crushed
- 1 package of white almond bark

Melt almond bark, in the mean time mix popcorn and crushed candy canes together, once almond bark is melted add to popcorn mixture, then pour out onto waxed paper and let dry/harden, then break apart and ENJOY! (she recommends using two bowls, which I did--unless you have a super huge bowl--I still made a mess, but it was a delicious one) ;o)

We'll wrap up the day with the reading of THE LEGEND OF THE CANDYCANE and continue to inhale the wonderful minty smells that are filling up the whole downstairs.  Peppermint Day just might be my favorite. ;o)

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Anna said...

Oh peppermint day sounds so refreshing! ..but boo for the migraine, yuck! So glad you're better and got to enjoy those wonderful creative activities with your bunch. :)