Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 1 Summary

We've successfully completed our first week of school, and honestly, it was an overall pleasant experience. *smile*
Everything we are using curriculum-wise is familiar, or familiar enough that it doesn't cause me any headaches having to figure out what it is asking me to do.
Our theme for this week was creation, and tying that in with the Jewish Sabbath.  Isabella decorated a "Challah covering" using a permanent marker and a scrap of fabric I had.  I baked our bread (challah) and attempted to braid it like they suggested.  It didn't end up too pretty.  Hence, the covering is on the bread for the picture. ;o) We attempted a *kind of* traditional Friday Sabbath meal, complete with spaghetti and all. ;o) (In case you are confused, no, I don't think spaghetti is technically Jewish, but the guide said "special" and I figured that was up to my discretion)
Everyone really enjoyed it--even the boys!
I'm not sure if I mentioned I painted myself a chalkboard--it is 3x4 in size, using smooth plywood and chalkboard paint.  I'm still planning to trim it out to make it look a tad more decorative as well as functional.
The kids love it, and I love it too, because I can do stuff like this:
The board highlights some of the stuff I wanted them to remember from our meal and the significance in the Jewish culture.  I had been inspired by another home schooler who used her chalkboard for all sorts of wonderful lessons. Like this or this.  I'm not quite that good of an artist, but I do see the potential for lots of learning fun.

I have yet to get a suitable timeline up and going--I'm thinking I might use the longest wall we have upstairs and run a line of painters tape.  I kind of feel on top of everything.  I've been reading ahead and gathering ideas for future stuff, which I shall blushingly admit is a new concept for me.  I've been more than guilty many a time just opening the curriculum guide Monday morning and teaching "on the fly." ;o)  Which is why I love MFW--you can do that.  BUT I think it goes a bit more smooth if I know what's coming.  Go figure. ;o)


Tina Hollenbeck said...

Hi! I just found you on the MFW Blog Roll. You have a beautiful family, and I look forward to seeing how your year goes (using CTG, I'm assuming?). We're doing ECC after having done Adventures last year...oh, and we're adding in MFW K, too. I'd love to have you stop by and visit me, too. :^)

Kathryn said...

This looks great, Janna! Way to go on doing the 'extra' this week! Yay for the first week going well! The Lord was very gracious over here, too! Now....onward and upward to week number TWO! :) Will be praying for your wisdom in dealing with your lil' preschooler!

Anna said...

What a great week, and the chalkboard idea is perfect for your home schoolhouse. :) Love all your ideas, and I look forward to getting a peek into the rest of the school year as it comes along.