Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I don't know if I'm the last one in the world to learn about *swag*bucks*, but in the event you have seen that word floating around and wondered what it was, I will tell you what it means to me:

$5 Amazon gift cards!!!!

That was, quite frankly all I needed to hear. ;o)  Basically, you go to swagbucks, download their header bar, and then use that as your search engine instead of whatever else you use.  What I've been doing is typing "facebook" or the name of my blog, or "amazon"--you know, my favorite places that I go to on any given day, instead of typing them in the regular way.  Swagbucks in turn pays me "money" whenever they feel like it.  You can also take surveys, and I just did my first one today (took about 8 minutes), they paid me 50 swagbucks.  So in a week and a half I have collected 438 swagbucks.  How much is an Amazon gift card for $5?  450 swagbucks.  I'm thinking in two weeks time I could have that--in a month hopefully $10.  And all for just doing what I normally do.

Intriguing eh? ;o) Of course there are other things you can buy with your bucks, but the Amazon one is pretty useful for me and quick turnaround.  If this proves to go well I could have $40-$50 in e-cards by Christmas time.  Every little bit helps!

Soooooo, if you do want to sign up, I put a little referral button on my blog down on the right hand side.  Click on that and I think I might get a few more bucks for referring you--you know you want to help support my book habit, right? ;o) 

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Anna said...

Oh, this is so perfect for you, Janna! ..I'll definately use your link if I get to it--GREAT find! :) And happy point-collecting.