Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer's Unofficial End

We've had a lovely and busy summer.  And before we turn over to our "school chapter" (which begins tomorrow, stay tuned!!!) I thought I'd leave you with a few parting shots . . . and thoughts. ;o)
Emmett and a butterfly--after chasing them all over the butterfly pavilion and climbing up on places he should not (in an attempt to coerce one to try the "nectar" on his fingers) one finally landed all nonchalant-like on his hand.  He was thrilled.
Jackson and the mosquitoes--not only is he really tasty, but he DOES NOT handle the bites well.  This was his eye BEFORE it swelled shut:
A baking soda paste seems to help the most, and at times he has looked like a plaster-of-paris project gone awry.  The doctor also recommended dosing him with benadryl every 4-6 hours (and I will admit to being a little too enthusiastic with this advice . . . "Really?  Give him benadryl, well if you say so!!) Unfortunately it didn't really seem to help the bites or *cough, cough* make him drowsy. ;o) Go figure.
Owen has two little teethers on the bottom now.  He has developed the most hilarious cackle of a laugh that just cracks us all up.  He's getting into all sorts of stuff, eating lots of things he shouldn't (mainly paper items and capless markers).  He went to Sta.r Cit.y Shores with the others on Saturday and just LOVED it.  He is definitely a little fishy.
And speaking of fishies we've done a lot of swimming, and the girls particularly enjoy coming up with new board tricks.  Isabella even did a back flip much to my horror/admiration.  I don't know what the following moves are, but the girls thought they were cool pictures. ;o)
And there you have it.  We vactioned. We picnicked.  We touched wildlife.  We toured.  We swam. We got bit.  We grilled.  It's been a good summer.  And while getting back into a school schedule has me a bit nervous, I'm also looking forward to getting more routine back into our days.  I'm hoping it will solve a lot of *issues* that have arisen in the last few weeks. Here's to hoping!!! (she says, hoisting a cup of soothing tea high while gulping several tylenol . . .) ;o)


Anna said...

LOL at all these tidbits looking back at a fun summer...I'm praying for you today on your first day of school!!

Unknown said...

Love your summer snaps!