Monday, August 30, 2010

Summary Weeks 2&3

Up until today I would have told you school is going really well! But then last night the "bad attitude fairy" visited. Blech. We've had better days. 
But we are enjoying our curriculum and making our way through history.  We got up to the flood last week and below are Marissa's and Isabella's notebooking pages:
Now, if you'll note, Marissa's is on top, a nice happy ark perched upon Mt. Ararat, a silly little monkey dangling from the giraffe's neck.  And then there's Isabella's, no she didn't focus her attention on Noah building his ark, nor the animals entering it two-by-two.  What's the focus of her picture?  Why, drowning people of course!  Frantic people trying to stay out of flood waters by climbing up on a handy rock, people with closed eyes floating in water . . .  Can you say disturbing?!  I've got my eyes on that one . . . ;o)
And here's what the boys are working on:
Jackson's is on top, Emmett's on the bottom.  I hit up for some alphabet stickers at 1/2 off, so they are enjoying bestickering their pages. 
And the chalkboard for "Rosh Hashanah"
Pay no attention to the smeariness across the bottom, Emmett drew some random "cars" and "H's" all over my drawing. And Josh noticed I forgot the "y" on mighty. Oops. ;o) I'm thinking I might have the girls copy what I've written/drawn for each Jewish feast--another type of notebooking page--and we'll add that somewhere in their notebooks too.

And now on to week 4!!! Just 32 more weeks to go! Ha, ha! (and apparently, after spell-checking, I've made up a lot of words, notebooking? bestickering? smeariness? You know what I mean, right?) ;o)


Anna said...

..made-up words are the best. ;) And I LOVE all these pretty notebooks with perfect records of what they're learning..the girls' drawings are amazing (and yours too!) :) Hang in there...I'll be praying.

Kathryn said...

Well, how in the world can that fairy be at *your* house....'cause she was over here, too! Busy week for her, huh? Prayer shall banish her!! :)

Love your new fall banner!

The girls' notebooks just make me smile. 1) because they are so much more detailed than what my boys choose to do 2) b/c of Bella's interpretation on things.....a perspective that I hadn't thought of before but pretty sad and true.

Looks like you're finding creative way to keep those boys busy. Sticker and playdough. My two favorite words for little ones while you're trying to homeschool. :)

Can I say it again? LOVE your blog!