Thursday, August 19, 2010

Story Problems

A) If the washer takes approximately 26 minutes and the dryer 50 minutes (although some loads of towels need an extra 20 minutes), how many loads of laundry could the frazzled mother complete in a 12 hour period?  If she forewent sleep, a 24 hour period?

B) If Owen's mother took 1/4 cup dry baby oatmeal and dribbled enough water to make a decently textured palate appealing gruel, how much baby oatmeal would she have now?  More importantly, if for every one spoonful that went into her baby's mouth, two came out, how much cereal would her baby eat?

C)  If your almost five year old took a 2 hour nap--on an awesome day 2 1/2 hours--and woke up in the morning somewhere in the vicinity of 5-6 a.m. at what time would he awaken if he no longer took a nap?

D)  If a mother spent the good portion of an hour preparing an extra special and tasty meal how many of her four children (who eat their meals at a table) would eat it and say "This is delicious, may I have 2nds please?"  How many would say "Ewwwwww! Does this have cheese in it?"

E)  What is the probability that a bed which has just had ALL it's bedding washed will get thrown up on and/or urinated on sometime in the next 24 hours?

(Just a few of the random thoughts that flutter through my head in a day.  Oh, and whatever you answered to C you are most likely wrong--it was a trick question.  Of course removing a nap would have absolutely no effect on his morning wake-up time.  Silly you). ;o)


Unknown said...

Oh, the answer to "C" should have been *at least* 7:30 a.m.!!!! I'm so sorry! Any way you can add that nap back in??

These made me chuckle at the reality of them all!

Anna said...

Oh, no--LOL at these hilarious story problems...but pity for the daily struggles! ..I can definately relate to the clean sheet one...and the unappreciated meal. You get an "A" for effort, Janna! :)

Mommy K said...

Loving the story problems! =)

I wanted to let you know I've given you a blog award! You can see it here:

Kimara said...

Way, way, too funny. Must admit, I couldn't answer any of the questions and I'm good in math! I have one I would like to add... If you have three preschoolers and your girlfriend from high school has three preschoolers, and you want to have a play date, how many weeks will you need to wait before all 6 of the children are healthy enough to actually meet?

And the correct answer is... 6 months!