Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Week in Review

Josh's "first day of school pic" ;o) He's actually in a classroom now, a practicum for both physics and chemistry.  A year from now (Lord willing!) it will be his very own classroom.  We're in the home stretch!
Owen got in the pool for the first time--he LOVED it.  Lots and lots of splashing.
My mom shared some of her okra bounty with me, and I made the dish she always made for us as kids, "fried okra" which is a recipe that comes from my dad's mom.  Basically, okra breaded in cornmeal, pepper, salt, and fried with some onions in butter.  Isn't it amazing how keen our senses of taste and smell are, so closely linked to memory that suddenly you're a kid again sitting at the table with your siblings chowing down on mom's okra?
A field trip to Homestead National Monument and a prairie walk rounded out our school week.
Owen discovers he is quite capable of using a walker to get around *gasp*
And I splurged on some mums, nice big ones at Me.nard's for only $3 a plant!
At our first home I planted mums along our front walk, dutifully pinching them off all summer so they would bloom in the fall.  Then I would scatter pumpkins amongst them (which the squirrels would feast on . . .).  I miss those mums. Since we've been renting these last few years, I've refrained from buying flowers--it seemed like a waste of money since I can't take them with me.  I realized after setting these mums on my porch how much I've missed having a plant to tend.  My heart gives a bit of a leap when I see them all cheerful outside, harbingers of fall.  I think they were well worth the $9 I spent. ;o)
And that would be last week in pictures. ;o) My favorite time of year is upon us and I'm busy planning out lots of fall fun--our labor day bonfire! the apple farm! two pumpkin patches (one out by Aurora we'll be checking out this year)! combine rides! and hopefully lots of nature walks too! I can't wait!
(oh, and as a sidenote, it's my blog's "birthday" today--2 years of online journaling accomplished!)


Anna said...

Ooh, I'm giddy over all the fun Fall activities planned...we'll have to talk, I'm anxious to hear about the A.urora pumpkin patch, and the apple farm sounds like tons of fun! ..and awesome pics, congrats to Josh for making it this far--just 1 year to go!

Kathryn said...

I think I'll have to pick up a mum, too! I'm looking forward to decorating for fall and feeling that slight chill in the air. Yay for fall! Isnt' the Lord good to bless us with the variety and beauty of the seasons?