Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 5th Jackson!!

Dear Jackson,
Yesterday afternoon about 25 minutes went by and I found myself in a sudden panic because I hadn't seen or heard you in all that time.  I dashed upstairs, I dashed downstairs.  I asked the girls if they had seen you. I checked outside.  No Jackson.
I went back upstairs and pulled back the covers in my bed, and there you were, sound asleep.
I breathed a sigh of relief, and realized something.
You are a busy boy.
If you aren't popping up every few moments to show me a new picture or a toy, to ask me to watch you do your latest stunt or to ask me outlandish questions--
Then you're probably busy drawing pictures of Buzz Lightyear or some other Mar.vel comic hero.
Or cutting off Woody's arm with scissors and attempting to reattach it with rickrack and stick pins.
Or attempting to hang your artwork by hammering screws into the wall.
Or you're tormenting a sibling.
The moments I find you still
--as in sleeping or quietly perusing a book at your leisure--
are few and far between.
I guess you didn't get nicknamed "Action Jackson" for nothing.
There's a real imagination in that head of yours, as maddening sometimes as it is delightful.
I truly never know what you are going to cook up next. 
(Jackson's happy face)
(Jackson's mad face)
I'm not sure I've ever been more infuriated by a child--
or more entertained.
Because you are a character.
And sometimes when I get all dressed up and you tell me I "look beautiful in that dress"
I think you just might be the sweetest boy in the world.
And sometimes when you mimic Buzz Lightyear "out-takes" belching real loud and saying "Woa! I don't remember eating that!" I have to turn away so you can't see me laughing.
You are unique.
I  have a feeling we are in for a fun year. ;o)
I love you buddy and can't imagine our family without you.
I pray for you and me both, that God give me the wisdom to help raise you to be a man that seeks Him.
Because you know, God is the best super hero of all.
And that nap idea you had yesterday? It was stellar. ;o)
Happy happy birthday Jackson boy!!!


Mom said...

Wonderful posting, Janna! Jackson is very special indeed. Praying for you all!

Kathryn said...

Very, VERY sweet post for your busy, big boy! Your birthday posts always make me cry! Love the pics and your cake is *super* cute with the colorful sprinkles and Buzz toy! Also like the blackboard tribute to Jackson in the background! Happy, happy day to Jackson....may he celebrate by taking another nap! ;)

Anna said...

This is so precious, brought tears to my eyes...what a very specially unique masterpiece of God's creation, that Action-Jackson of yours. Happy birthday, buddy!