Monday, August 9, 2010

The First Day of School

~A Day in the Life~
5:30--the alarm goes off and I fire up the computer to check-in with my "Bible reading accountability friends"
5:35--Emmett appears, thirsty, get him water
5:40--put "Jay Jay the Jet Plane" on for Emmett, make a cup of tea, pop a Synthroid, retreat to closet (yes, my literal closet) to read my Bible
5:55--Emmett is crying because I forgot his tea . . . (make Emmett tea)
continue on reading
6:10--Owen's awake, I nurse him, hope he goes back to sleep . . .  nope
hear Jackson awake
6:15--Jackson sobbing about his lack of a cup of tea, and video is almost done, he must have his tea to drink before video is over!!!! Crisis!!!
6:17--come downstairs and discover fighting over Emmett's tea (Jackson's version of "sharing")
6:19--Emmett throws up on couch
I strip the slipcover off the couch
6:25--switch around the laundry
6:30--change a poopy Owen diaper, wonder at it's greenish tint
6:35--get dressed to run, put on a "Word World", Owen goes to exersaucer, inform sleepy Josh I'm heading out, put Marissa in charge
7:02--start making muffins for a special back-to-school breakfast
7:10--muffins in the oven, I hop in the shower, skip the hair washing, boys sobbing because I won't share my shower
7:20-7:25--dress quickly for the day, hair in a pony tail
7:25--banish Jackson to his room
7:35--muffins done, whip up some orange julius
7:40-7:50--sit down for breakfast
7:50-8:07--unload/load dishwasher, clean up kitchen, put Owen in highchair with cheerios, explain Isabella's math
8:07-8:35--oversee Marissa's violin practice, Isabella does math
8:35-8:53--switch, nurse Owen, Jackson points to letters asking "What does this say?"
8:53-9:06--pause for pictures (see above) ;o)
9:06--9:50--spelling, Greek vocabulary word, grammar, handwriting review
9:50-10:00--a short and sweet Science intro
10:00--Owen wakes up
10-10:15--wrap things up--a very gentle schedule today!! Celebrate that accomplishment! ;o)
10:15-10:45--a brief computer check-in, read a few books to boys, switch over laundry
10:45-11:00--pack a picnic for lunch
11:00-11:40--nurse Owen, find socks/shoes, go potty, load up van and head with Josh to Pioneer's Park
return home at 1:00
1:00--Emmett goes down for nap, nurse Owen and he goes down for nap too
1:28-2:00--another cup of tea for me, defrost chicken for supper, some computer "surfing"
2:00-3:00--put chicken in crock pot with some BBQ sauce, clean up kitchen, brief phone call with sister (we discuss inflatable sprinkler globes, real globes, and map laminating) ;o)
3:00-5:00--water play at my sister's house, where the kids have a blast and mamas roast--except for the occasional blast of water that gets directed our way
5:00-5:40--supper, clean-up, put a plate away for Josh when he gets home, kids bathe
5:40-6:00-nurse Owen, boys pretend they are hermit crabs and crawl out from underneath the shell (blanket) to pinch sisters, girls practice headstands
6:00-6:40--uploaded pictures onto computer, worked on blog a bit, let the kids crawl over me and gave "flying angel" rides
6:40-7:00--we each had a bowl of ice cream, "double fudge brownie" ;o)
7:00-8:00--played and cleaned and brushed teeth and readied for bed
8:00 and beyond--home free ;o)


Mom said...

Sounds like you'll have interesting days ahead. Praying for you.

Unknown said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I am *so* glad you let yourself have some ice cream, too! WELL deserved! It was fun (?) to read your day and see that you made it through the first day back to school. I love your pictures with the chalkboard idea. Hmmmm. May just see that pop up on my blog.....since we didn't get back to school pics done today! :)

Kathryn said...

The first time I stopped by I think my head was spinning from all you accomplished and I forgot to comment on your cute little class pet! hee hee! cutie!

Anna said...

I LOVE this play-by-play of your first day of school! Made me laugh (and also feel exhausted on your behalf). And the pics are so great..LOL at Owen's. :) I am praying for you this first week of school!!

kate said...

The class pics are great... especially Owen!

Makes me exhausted just reading about your day.
I was amazed at how often "nurse Owen" came up... and how many things you also got accomplished at the same time. I was never so well organized or coordinated!