Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eight Months Old

I'm creeping in here quietly, before the day has completely slipped away to share a few pictures and thoughts on a baby who insists upon getting bigger.
I tried to get a few pics of him this afternoon, and I really don't have much to show for the effort because this little guy just won't stop moving.  He's underfoot a lot these days, in fact he's underfoot at the moment.  He follows after us--quickly--and before we know it we've stepped on, tripped over . . . Poor guy has gotten his share of bumps lately.  Of course, most are his own doing as he's figured out how to climb the first stair, pulls himself up on anything with enough nubbiness to grab onto (like Daddy's leg hair for instance).  He's toppled enough lately to make me want to helmet him.  He's starting to cruise too.

And I realize you're probably thinking that is what babies are supposed to do. For some reason I guess I just thought he'd stay in that 2-4 month range a lot longer than he did.  Didn't anybody inform him he's the baby?

While I would like to sit and recall more fun facts, the truth is he just took a bite out of a brittle cover of Wilder's "The Long Winter."  He's grinning at me quite pleased with himself while a piece of cover stays plastered to the constant drool on his chin.  Hence, I'm off to rescue both book and baby. Happy 8th month dear Owen. ;o)


Kathryn said...

What a sweetie! Why *do* those babies insist on growing so fast?? Love the white bench on your porch, too!

Anna said...

..this left me giggling, what a sweet boy--and he's getting SO incredibly cute. ;) LOVE that first pic of you & him together.