Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snaps and Snippets

We've almost fully recovered from a week spent at VBS last week.  Every year I plan on staying on top of everything at home while being gone all morning.  Every year I fall rather short of that lofty goal.  I am finding more and more that any time spent away from home seems to double--triple!--the work left waiting for me upon my return.  I'm not quite sure how the math works on that one.
We got Isabella's birthday celebrated on Saturday.  We did our first friend party, making use of Grandma and Grandpa's pool and then finished off the evening with a family meal and cake.  It was a rather towering cake and hard to serve "pretty" but it was definitely tasty. ;o)
Jackson has been found contemplating the pool slide.  I'm not sure if we'll see him plummet down anytime in the near future, but the fact he's even sitting up there is cause for celebration.

The kids and I had a floor cleaning party last night.  I need to remember to do this more often:
Janna's Recipe for a Really Clean Floor
Whatever amount of naked/in their underwear children you have available
A Bucket with Soapy Warm Water
A Pile of Rags
Let 'em at it!!!
Honestly it makes for a really clean floor, while they are not the best scrubbers, they do a decent job and they use a lot of water, giving all that hard stuff a good soak.  By the time I come over it a lot of gunk has loosened and therefore less elbow grease is required on my part. ;o)  My floor sparkles today.
Not only is Owen getting around EVERYWHERE he also accomplished a new trick--
pulling himself up!!!
He also is sporting many bumps and marks upon his head because it seems his mobility out-developed his balance. ;o)  The little stinker--I was hoping to still have a non-moving complacent baby to ease myself back into a school schedule.  Looks like I'll really be on my toes.  But I've got a new gate coming via Amazon.  I just realized I've had babies in five different homes, each calling for different safety measures. :oP
And here's a funny pic of a game of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey . . . gone wild:
Hee, hee ;o)
So, there's my little catch-up.  I've got a lot I want to do in the next (less than) two weeks until we start school . . . projects, plans . . . hopefully I'll get it all done.  I do love this time of year and the reorganization it inspires in me.  I REALLY love cheap school supplies and a new planner for me. ;o)  Everything seems so new and sparkly and full of fun and promise.  (And yes, the "honeymoon" does quickly wear off!) ;o) But for now we'll just enjoy this "getting ready" phase.  Have a great day!!!


Mom said...

That little Owen just wants to play with his siblings. I like your idea for floor cleaning....maybe after my surgery, they all can come down and clean for me. By then, Owen will probably be in the mix too!

Kathryn said...

Great post. Loved hearing all the little sippits. :) Our school honeymoon lasts approximately 3.2 hours. ;)

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Owen keeps crawling for SEVERAL MONTHS. I love holding him in the nursery. Especially, when he cuddles in and falls asleep. Just a peaceful feeling for a "grandma" Always enjoy reading your blog--what a blessing you are to your family! Mimi

Anna said...

Well that is the CUTEST little donkey I've ever seen...and what a fun idea, havin a floor cleaning party--love it! Happy back-to-school season, too. :)