Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seven Months Old!

Oh Owen, you're getting too big!!!
As of Monday (7/19) he is totally and completely crawling--everywhere--beating Jackson's earliest crawling record by about two weeks.  I'm still having a hard time getting used to finding him in different rooms.  AND I found him on the first shelf of a bookshelf (it's about 6 inches off the floor).  I'm not sure if he was helped, Jackson says he didn't do it, but *ahem* there is a lot of stuff that Jackson "didn't do."  I'm guessing the stairs won't be too far behind.

Owen has also expanded his diet to include a stale tortilla, a discarded bread crust and Josh's tennis shoes.  Yum.  I keep telling the kids (well, boys) they need to be more careful.  So really, there has been no by-the-book, try a new food, wait a few days . . . He's just kind of setting his own pace as he goes. He still mainly nurses--I don't do a whole lot with baby food until they can really self-feed. 

Other tidbits to remember--
~he always wakes up in the morning sooooo happy
~he likes the song "I had a tiny turtle, his name was tiny Tim . . ."
~still no teeth, but lots of drool and gnawing
~often I say, "Owen, where you goin'?" (it's a nifty little rhyme!) ;o)


Mom said...

He is just growing up so fast and probably wants to play with his sisters and brothers. He's a sweetie.

Anna said...

Oh, that picture! What a little hunk of baby cuteness. And WOW is he expanding his list of tricks. ..cute little rhyme. Goin Owen.