Friday, July 2, 2010

"Schoolroom" Storage

First a reminder of how I stored books last year . . . go here .  The crates DID work.  Each girl had all their books handy, although often there was "digging" involved, we didn't lose anything (but stuff was looking pretty "crate worn" at the end).  While I wish I had a whole separate room that was our schooling room--as I'm sure most homeschoolers would--that is not an option now.  (Want to see my dream room? Go here. Drool.)  What I do have is a dining room with a big old beat-up table.  And an eclectic mix of chairs--not because having an eclectic mix of chairs is the new cool thing, but because I have yet to acquire a set of chairs to seat us all that matches. ;o)  Speaking of chairs, I'm rather bothered by the fact once Owen is able to join us at the table for meals I will have an uneven number of people on each side, one at each end, two on one long side, and three on the other . . . What to do? I'm debating between another child or having Josh build benches to replace chairs. (Just kidding . . . I think). ;o)  What was I originally talking about?
Oh yes, storage.
So, enter Craigs.list.  (I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but truth is I could look at before/afters all day--they're incredibly inspiring.  Hopefully you feel the same way . . .) ;o)  I found a set, a 4 drawer tall dresser, a 6 drawer short/wide dresser with an attachable mirror, and a 2 drawer nightstand for $60. I sent my reliable fetcher (Josh) in his hauler (the old minivan "hollowed" out by removing the two back rows of seating).  He came back with all of this, plus a desk the guy threw in for $5.  It all fit in just perfectly.
Here's the dresser I wanted for the dining room:
The one unfortunate thing--pictures on Craigs.list don't really give you any idea as to size.  I was a tad bummed to realize this was about 6 inches shorter than I would have like it, more of a dining room table height when I was going for a counter top height.  But I'll live.  Someday I think I might turn it into a hutch by building a shelving attachment for the top of it. 
Here is the after picture:
I LOVE IT!!! I get such a thrill out of seeing a piece turn out like this.  Each kid (except Owen) will get one big drawer to store stuff and then the top skinnier drawers will be for things like art stuff, paper, etc.  Everything will have a place and be out of sight.  It makes me excited to start school. ;o) 

I have another fun area to decorate seasonally . . .
Oh, and check out my new ruffled burlap table runner--I had seen one online for $59.  Guess how much I made mine for?  About $3--and some burlap wrestling. ;o)  I really like the texture--the eye appeal of it I mean, I definitely wouldn't want it for sheets!  When Marissa saw me throwing the burlap on the cutting counter she asked with concern, "What are you making with that?  It's kind of scratchy."  I told her it was for her new pajamas. ;o)  She was less than thrilled.
Sooooo, this project is declared complete.  With all the furniture I have lined up in the garage it looks like I have some sort of perpetual garage sale going on. ;o)  I have a LOT to get painted.  I can't tell you enough how fun this is.  Aside from couches/mattresses I'm not sure if I'll ever buy new stuff again.  (Although something could come along that would lead me to make an exception to that rule).  I really think if you're patient enough and just keep watching you'll find something you love or can make lovable with a coat of paint.  It has completely revolutionized "home decorating" for me.  I work with a very tiny budget.  You CAN have nice-looking things for cheap.  Isn't that cool!!! ;o) 


Unknown said...

LOVE!!!!! Black paint is magic, I tell ya! :) It looks great! Of course, the way you decorated it makes it look all the more lovely! ps LOL to the uneven number of people at the table. I'm thinking a bench might be easier than adding another child but not near as cute! :)

Mom said...

Looks great! I'll have to let Glee know about this one so she can be inspired!

Mike and Kirsten said...

Love all the before and afters! Keep 'em coming. This recent project turned out fantastic...congrats!

Mommy K said...

Looks great!

Anna said...

oh my goodness, this turned out so gorgeous! And the burlap runner is beautiful and so perfect for you...WOW! is all I can say, you are a budgeting genious. Lovely, lovely. ;)

Amy said...

Ok. I need your furniture re-doing secrets. You probably sanded this dresser down, right? Did you prime or just paint? Did you use a brush or roll it? Do you put a polyurethane or polycrylic on top? I've got the same style of dresser and chest of drawers in Carter's room and need to re-do it -- and I LOVE how your projects turn out!!! Please let me know!! :)