Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catching up~

Last week was Josh's "off" week.  Three of the four summer classes are officially done.  He determined to spend the week doing fun things with the kids, so--
Tuesday--they spent a few hours at Lincoln's children's museum
Wednesday--they went to SAC and picnicked at Mahoney
Thursday--they spent a few hours at the children's zoo
Friday--the grand finale, Fontanelle Forest for a picnic and bug scavenger hunt:
and then to Omaha's children's museum.
I was an utter bum and skipped out on all aforementioned activities. ;o)  Owen and I hung out at home doing cool stuff like closet organizing and room cleaning.  I attempted to ruthlessly purge whatever got in my path.  I was semi-successful.  Overall, it was a nice break and I must admit to soaking up, relishing, basking in ENJOYING a bit of quiet each day. ;o)
Owen was a bit fussier over the last few days.  He has a *touch* of a cold, and I'm pretty certain he is also working on those first toothers.  But we've had some rough nights, and last night he got pretty upset while Josh and I were at a wedding reception.  I thought maybe the crowd/noise was just too much for him.
But now for my mother of the year award:
Owen ruptured an ear drum last night.
Yes, I've only dealt with like A MILLION ear infections with the other four.  My poor baby was suffering through an infection and I didn't even have a clue until he woke up this morning with drainage out his ear (and eyes, and nose . . .).  That awful night two nights ago makes a lot of sense now. *rolling eyes*  So now we're attempting to get a dose of antibiotics in him.  Basically Owen nurses . . . He's really not digging the pink stuff.  In fact he is so not digging the pink stuff he throws EVERYTHING up as soon as a drop lands on his tongue.  While smiling of course. ;o)  (He's so much happier now that his ear has exploded and all that pressure is gone).  I foresee an exciting ten days in my future.

Among other news we have entered the less-than-a-month-until-school-starts countdown.  The next season to decorate for is fall.  And one year from now Josh should have a "real" job again and hopefully a "normal" schedule.  This summer/year is going soooooooo fast!!

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Anna said...

Oh, no, that poor little buddy! I'll pray for quick (and full!) healing, I remember you going through endless antibiotics with your boys..I WILL pray for that!

..the rest of the week looked like fun for Josh & kiddos! Love the picture...and hooray for a new school year and the end being in sight of Josh's classes.