Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Recommendation

I had planned on taking the last few weeks of my summer to reread "Christy" by Catherine Marshall.  The leisurely reading I intended ended in a devouring . . . I had forgotten just how good this book is!  If you've never gone back and reread a book you read as an adolescent/teenager I highly recommend it.  It is amazing the different things that stick out and hang with you, depending on the phase of life you are in.

A few quotes to share:
On "taking time to smell the roses"-- "Human life is short.  Each of us has a limited number of years. So are we going to go through those so-few years with little time for our family and friends, with unseeing eyes for the beauties around us, concentrating on accumulating money and things when we have to leave them all behind anyway?"
That just resounds well with me, being aware of the little things--but the beautiful things--all God's graces He extends our way.

On dealing with life and it's unfairness--"Christy, those who've never rebelled against God or at some point in their lives shaken their fists in the face of heaven have never encountered God at all."  Which probably sounds rather horrible, but I knew exactly what Miss Alice meant when she said those words to Christy.  The hardest times in my life and the loneliest ended up being the richest, spiritually speaking.  I realized I didn't have to understand His ways, just accept them and know He loves me.

Anyway, all that to say, good book. If you've never read it, well, you must.  I've half a mind to move to Tennessee now . . . ;o)

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Kathryn said...

A great of my *favorite* books!!! Might just have to get it back out again. And my copy looks just like that Amazon pic you posted which really doesn't do the book justice! "Don't judge a book by it's cover!" :)