Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trip Pics

I'm finally getting around to getting a few pictures up, trying to pick and choose what best represents everything we saw. I can't recommend the Museum of Science and Industry enough if you ever happen to find yourself in Chicago . . . there was a whole area devoted to farming with a real combine and tractor available for exploration, an awesome weather area with a live "tornado," tons of other real stuff like airplanes and trains that you could go inside. One of the most fascinating (but also sad) exhibits for me was a collection of actual unborn babies that have been preserved. (to their best knowledge all the pregnancies ended naturally/because of problems). It was amazing to see a baby just past 9 weeks in development with everything there. The tiny little fingers were astounding.

Our last day spent on Michigan Ave. was great. (I could have spent A LOT more time there . . . ahem). ;o) We had to navigate ourselves down there because Garmin refused to speak to us. We happened to walk past a Garmin store and took him inside only to find out they needed to send it off because of a bad file. Bad Garmin. We had whole bunches of fun getting ourselves out of downtown Chicago using our 'L train map. (If you remember how well that map helped us on the first day). ;o) The American Girl store was amazing. And we ended up eating at a different restaurant due to a looooong wait, which was fine. (Plus the other restaurant validated parking, woohoo!)

We got in shortly after midnight Monday morning. The kids traveled well--going back is always more wearisome than heading out. I had wanted to switch Jackson to his own seat instead of his usual seat between the girls. That would have been a smart decision. ;o) Let's just say when he gets bored he finds ways to amuse himself that others don't find amusing. Overall, we've basically recovered. I do need to get some groceries, but the laundry is all caught up. (Well, by "caught up" I mean washed/dried, not exactly all folded . . .) ;o) We had a great time, and now I have a daughter to prepare for her first heading to camp experience and another one to get ready for surgery (tonsils/adenoids). A busy June!


Keeslermom said...

Glad to hear the museum was a hit, because we are headed there in a few weeks! And the American Girls store too, of course. No trip to Chicago is complete without that!

Anna said...

Wow, wow, wow--loved all these pics!! And the museum looks SO COOL! Definately want to take our kids there someday...the matching shirts are so cute, and the American.girl looks like a perfect outing for your 2 American.girls. :) Glad you're home safely! Hope you get some rest, will pray for a good safe time at camp, and for surgery to go well. *hugs*

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing these! that museum looks GREAT! Love your new blog banner, too!